Zing Delivers Again With Foam Flying Fun

I knew immediately which new toy I wanted to review after I heard a combination of 2 things:

• How much fun my bosses had with it at Toy Fair

• Its creator (John Hunter) is responsible for Super High Altitude Research Program, otherwise known as the world’s largest gas gun

Sporting a bright orange and green finish, the Zyclone Zing Ring Blaster is nothing short of eye catching. The package contains one gun, one ring and brief instructions. I neglected to look at the instructions before my first shot, which became evident quickly, as the ring quickly hooked to the left immediately after shooting it. I suggest avoiding my mistake by taking a quick look at the instructions, or just look at this image!

Zyclone Instructions

On my way home for the day, it became increasingly difficult to resist shooting the Zyclone into every open field I saw. I knew that it was could fly long and straight indoors, but outdoors is what truly matters! I eventually gave in and picked a field close to my apartment and began shooting around.

I came back later that day to test out the Zyclone with a few of my friends. After a few tries, they were all able to have excellent control of where the ring would fly to. We all had fun shooting it, but all agreed another gun and ring are almost a requirement for playing with more than one person! Jealousy overcame the bystanders quickly, everyone wanted a turn to try it out.

The following video is my friends first attempt at shooting the Zyclone, he missed his target (the pole!), but not bad for a first try!

2 weeks and over 100 shots later, the Zyclone still hasn’t begun to show signs of wear. The ring still flies as far as ever and straight on every shot. The Zyclone is undoubtedly one of the best new toys of the year and I would recommend it to anyone with children ages 6 and up!

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