Worthy of the Robot Hall of Fame?

Have you seen our newest robot toys, the Zibits? They come to Growing Tree Toys straight from the planet Z-7. What’s so cool about Tetron (pictured), Cozmo, Torrant, and the rest of the Zibit crew? They all are just over 2″ tall! All controlled by a small joystick, they can drive forward, turn 360 degrees, as well as light up and make cool sounds!

Tetron Zibit

Now these guys are pretty new and still establishing themselves among the Robot elite. But did you know there is a Robot Hall of Fame? It is located at the Carnegie Science Center in Pittsburgh, Penn. Current members include robotic icons like Lt. Cmdr. Data of Star Trek: The Next Generation, ASIMO, the human-like robot created by Honda, and the Mars Pathfinder Sojourner Rover.

Now you can have your say on what robots should be inducted next! VOTE TODAY for your favorites – but hurry, voting ends Friday, Aug. 30!

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