World’s Largest Rubber Chicken Toss

A barrage of rubber chickens filled the air Sunday at the 28th Annual Run of the Charles Canoe and Kayak Race in Boston. It was the World’s Largest (and as far as I can gather, the world’s only) Rubber Chicken Toss.

The Haywire Group, makers of the Flickin’ Chickens Game, Dicecapades and the 59 Seconds Card Game, organized the record worthy event and supplied the official chickens. For a donation to the Charles River Watershed Association of one dollar each, the 265 participants received their chickens and made history.

Although not yet confirmed by Guinness World Records, PR Web reports that all of the goals and guidelines were met and Sunday’s event should officially make the record books.

Congratulations to all of the participants! And hold on to those famous rubber chickens.

This has been a Growing Tree Toys “Just for Fun” Post. Pictures courtesy of the Haywire Group.

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