Wild Ways to Have Baseball Fun

The 2012 Major League Baseball regular season has come to a close and now it is time for an exciting postseason! The new Wild Card format this year lets two extra teams earn a spot in the playoffs, with each league’s Wild Card game set for tomorrow, Friday, October 5. While it is fun to go to the ballpark or watch the game on TV, we have some more ideas of how to have some baseball-inspired playtime 365 days a year.

Baseball Game

Baseball + Math = Fun
Everyone’s happy when the kids are playing educational games online! A fun one with a baseball theme is Batter’s Up Baseball, where you pick your math problem – single (easy), double (medium) or home run (hard) – and find the sum as quick as you can! There is a multiplication game as well.

Buster Bash Game
Another digital way to play comes from the San Francisco Giants’ all-star catcher, Buster Posey! The appropriately named Buster Bash is noted as the first kids’ baseball game from a pro player, and is available on iPhones and iPads.

Keeping Score
I can tell you what a 3-6-3 double play is, but I’ve never figured out how to correctly fill out a baseball scorecard! It makes sense that MLB.com has a concise demonstration of how to keep score. What a great memory for going to a first ballgame, or for following along with a little league contest!

Baseball Snacks

All-Star Snacks
Even an afternoon treat can have a baseball-theme! Especially cute are these baseball cupcakes, just right for a baseball-themed party or a fun dessert! Just a little red frosting adds the perfect baseball design.

Play Ball!
Of course, the best way to enjoy baseball is to get outside and play! A fun way to start is with the Junk Ball Explosion Power Bat, an oversized bat that’s easy to hold. Take a swing at the patented foam Junk Ball!

Whether your team is in the hunt for the World Series crown or not, we hope you enjoyed these ways to have fun with baseball!

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