Why We Love It – Uncle Goose Gives Kids the Building Blocks of Play

Sure, building blocks have been around for ages, and they are available in every size, shape, form and design. So, why do we love the blocks from Uncle Goose Toys that are distributed from Lindenwood, Inc.? You can almost count the ways by stacking their cute and classic blocks!

Building blocks are the quintessential childhood toy, and for good reason. Not only do blocks serve as a way to introduce early building that helps kids develop both gross and fine motor skills, but they also encourage imaginative play that challenges kids to build and dream. In addition to the creativity that building blocks promote, these classic wooden toys, specifically the ABC’s and 123’s styles, feature educational qualities. These building blocks help introduce children to letters and numbers, as well as grouping and sequencing. And, don’t forget the spatial and reasoning skills that building with blocks helps develop!

And while all wooden building blocks help build these skills, which make them a staple in homes and preschools everywhere, the Alphabet blocks from Uncle Goose Toys seemed special to us as we searched for a great set of blocks. Why? First, Lindenwood, Inc. is based in the United States – Grand Rapids, Michigan to be exact. They are still building blocks based upon the direction established by the founder of Uncle Goose, William Bultman, back in 1983. Since his death in 1992, Lindenwood has made it their mission to “carry on the tradition of the Uncle Goose brand of Toys, to make only products that have enduring value, especially products that are unavailable elsewhere.”

Second, Lindenwood makes all of their blocks using basswood that is farmed, planted, and harvested around the Great Lakes area. And, due to their commitment to the environment, their manufacturing process minimizes waste in both production and packaging. In addition to using this renewable wood, they also utilize child-safe, non-toxic inks in the creation of their blocks, making this “Made in the USA” line of products a brand you can trust for quality and safety.

And while this commitment to quality and to the production of eco-friendly toys helped win us over, it’s the blocks that really sealed the deal, so to speak. Based on the turn-of-the-century design of the first patented ABC block, the Classic Alphabet Blocks from Uncle Goose Toys were born. A 28-block set, the Classic Alphabet Blocks feature beautiful classic styling and colors, as well as 4 complete alphabets and 3 sets of numerals. But what else make these blocks stand out amongst others?

In addition to the standard ABC blocks design, these blocks feature 2 embossed letters on each block, making for a unique, attractive appearance. These blocks also feature beveled edges on the top of the block to make the blocks more comfortable to hold by removing those sharp corners. But, in addition to the unique construction, these blocks also feature 27 cute animal pictures with the animal’s name written below, as well as the written name of each numeral – all of which build vocabulary and spelling skills.

And while the Classic Alphabet Blocks Set is the cornerstone of the line, we are sure that you will also like the other unique offerings of Uncle Goose Toys, including the starter set with a more modern design, the Uppercase and Lowercase Alphabet Blocks Set. Or, if you are looking for the perfect Alphabet blocks gift set for young ones, the ABC Flyer Wooden Blocks Wagon is the classic toy with such a lovely design that it is sure to please both children and parents!

So, while we are strong advocates of children playing with wooden blocks, whatever the brand, we want to make sure that we offer some of the best quality building blocks for children available. Which is why we offer Uncle Goose Toys – their Alphabet blocks are not only beautifully hand-crafted in the United States, but their commitment to quality and to offering an eco-friendly product is a mission we can stand behind and support. For us, the decision was as easy as ABC and 123! And, that’s why we love Uncle Goose, and we hope you do too!

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