Why We Love It – Kidsonroof Toys are as Fun as They Sound!

At first mention, Kidsonroof might appear like a slightly dangerous name for a brand of children’s educational toys. But, when you actually sit and think about it, the name becomes oddly appropriate. Teaching kids to think outside the box, dream big, aim high, be super creative – that’s what Kidsonroof promotes through their small but mighty line of constructive and imaginative playthings.

Distributed in the United States by Hip from Holland, we had the pleasure of encountering this brand for the first time at the 2009 Toy Fair in New York. As a buyer, I am constantly searching for new companies and toys, and the development of creative cardboard products had been an emerging trend we had noticed in the marketplace throughout 2008. But Kidsonroof proved to be so much more than the standard cardboard product, and it caught our eyes and enraptured us for more than a few reasons.

You’ve got to give to the Dutch, one thing they do know is how to create inspiring designs. And Kidsonroof is definitely not lacking in the amazing design department. You can’t help but look at the intriguing, engaging design of the Totem line of products – these building sets not only incorporate an exciting, functional building component, but they do so with colorful, unique pieces that add a whole new dimension to any of the finished products. We are quite partial to the Totem Tree Building Set – we love our tree logo, but the fantastic appearance of the finished tree in this kit is something that catches a lot of looks in our store’s front window, and rightfully so!



And while the building sets of the Kidsonroof line are amazingly colorful, we also love the White Casa Cabana House Kit because it actually lacks color! Perfect for promoting pretend play while inspiring the creative genius inside every child, this cardboard play house gives kids a big space for playing and pretending that also doubles as an amazing 3D art surface for bringing this toy to life as only kids can. This multi-purpose toy is not only a great investment because of the added play value, but when parents consider the amazing piece of art that kids can create with this house, they will be happy to know that they will have the cornerstone piece of their art collection!



Another reason that I love the line of Kidsonroof toys is that all of the items are made from recycled paper and are biodegradable, demonstrating to kids that you can have really cool toys that are also friendly to the environment. In fact, the only resource that these toys might be close to expending is the creative imagination of children – and we all know that is a pretty limitless supply!

I am sure that it takes a lot for a piece of cardboard to win over the general person, but believe me, we wouldn’t be selling Kidsonroof if it wasn’t all that and a bag of chips. The inspiration, the imagination, that wonderful Dutch design – their toys will bring some amazing play into any child’s life, in both a creative and socially responsible way! And, that’s why we love Kidsonroof, and we hope you do too!

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