Why bake it when you can build it? – A birthday cake to remember

I’ve heard of cake as hard as brick, but have you heard of the cake made of bricks – LEGO bricks that is? LEGOLAND California celebrated its 10th birthday this past March with a big birthday bash and an even bigger birthday cake (the world’s largest in fact)! Made from 100,000 LEGO bricks, LEGOLAND’s 10-foot-tall, 5 ½-foot-wide birthday cake took 13 model builders weeks to design, plan, and build – no easy task!



Sadly, this amazingly detailed and equally colorful cake is not edible, but it definitely serves as food for the imagination with its 4 tiers filled with the most popular attractions at the park since its grand opening. And, this LEGO masterpiece adds a whole new layer of fun with motorized pieces including a swiveling fire truck ladder, a moving pirate ship, a turning dinosaur head, and illuminated candles -because no cake is complete without candles! Let’s have an up close and personal view of this crazy cake:



As I peruse the web, I always find tons of LEGO creations from the quirky to the unbelievable – some of my favorites include a 20+ foot giraffe, a real working pin ball machine, and a small-scale replica of Venice, Italy. Though these creations are definitely one-of-a-kind, the LEGOLAND 10th Birthday Cake takes the cake for sheer imagination (excuse the pun)!

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