Who Will Fit in the Dollhouse or Castle? Sizes & Compatibility Decoded

I get a ton of customers asking questions regarding the size and compatibility of some of the different play worlds we have. Below I tackle two of the most popular.

Question: What are the scales to the dollhouse products you carry and which ones are compatible with each other?

Melissa & Doug Victorian Dollhouse

Answer: Only one of the product lines of dollhouses that we carry are on a realistic scale. This is the Melissa and Doug Victorian Dollhouse line, and the scale is a 1:12 scale. For anyone that doesn’t know, a 1:12 scale means that every twelve units of measurement (typically inches) of the life size version is represented by one unit on the model. So for example, if a bed is 7 feet long, a 1:12 scaled dollhouse bed is 7 inches long.

The two lines that we carry that are compatible with each other are the ones manufactured by Plan Toys and Ryan’s Room. The adult figures to these lines are approximately 4.5″ high and the children are 3.75″. All of the furniture and houses are then made to fit these dolls perfectly. So maybe you like the style of the Ryan’s Room Bathroom, but the Plan Nursery. Go ahead and mix and match…they

Ryan's Room

will work seamlessly together! If, between the two lines, you aren’t happy with any of the doll families, you can also check out either the Happy Family Doll Set or the Royal Family Doll Set by Melissa and Doug. These two families are compatible with the Plan and Ryan’s Room lines, and not the Melissa and Doug Victorian line.


Question: I don’t see dimensions on your site for any of the Papo and Schleich figurines. How big are they and will my Schleich knights fit in a Papo castle?

Many times customers know which figures they want and I just pull out a ruler and tell them roughly the dimensions of each of item. A lot of times though, this doesn’t help at all because they can’t take those dimensions and create a realistic image in their head of the size of the figure. I’ve had much more success using the following descriptions (I’m more of a visual person too, which is why I try to use common items):

Schleich Rabbit

All of the horse figurines and most adult animals are just slightly smaller than the size of my hand. I’m an average size adult female, so don’t forget to take that into consideration! The offspring are scaled to the adults.

All of the character figurines, such as knights, fairies and pirates are about as tall as a credit card. Sometimes I’ll mix it up and say that they are about the size of an orange, just not as round!
Smaller animals found in nature such as rabbits, cats and squirrels are about the size of a box of toothpicks. All of the Smurfs would fit with this description as well.

Schleich Knight

To answer the second part of the question, yes, Schleich and Papo figures work very well together and will fit in castles made by both companies, so again, feel free to mix and match. The only time a pairing wouldn’t really work is if you were looking to have a White and Black Rabbit hopping around the castle grounds! The only animals that are scaled to the character figurines are the horses.

Please let us know if we can assist with any of your toy questions! Reply here or leave us a message on Facebook.

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