What’s Gnu? Learning, That’s What!

What’s Gnu Children’s Game is a great educational tool to use in an elementary classroom to improve reading skills. This game is an excellent addition to any English block. It’s fun, it’s educational, and it can be played in minutes.

I work in an instructional classroom that is made up of 3rd through 5th grade students who receive Special Education services. What’s Gnu from ThinkFun gave my students the opportunity to use higher level thinking skills. They were required to use their word retrieval skills to create three letter words as quickly as possible. In addition, What’s Gnu also allows students to improve their resource skills. When “questionable” words are created, teachers can have students pull out a dictionary and find the word that was created during game play. I also have the students use the words in a sentence to ensure they know the meaning of the words they are making.

While an excellent addition to the classroom, it may take a few minutes for students to pick up on the game. However, through proper modeling, they will pick it up in moments. Once the skill is acquired, the tempo of the game increases dramatically.

Best of all, variations of game play are possible as well. I enjoy challenging my students to make as many words as possible. Using the letter tiles and cards, I have them see how many words they can create. Kids can take their time and manipulate the letters to develop new words, and whoever creates the most words, wins the round.

What’s Gnu is a great resource to add to an English block. It helps students improve their word retrieval and dictionary skills. Best of all, the kids enjoy the challenge of creating words the fastest – they have fun while working on important skills at the same time!


This teacher review was brought to you by Kendall Kutska, a Special Education Teacher in an Illinois Elementary School. Kendall works in a 3rd through 5th instructional classroom, teaching many subjects, one of which is English.

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