The Forecast Calls for Fun

School’s winding down for most, while temperatures and the chance for thunderstorms is heating up! It’s easier than ever for your meteorologist-in-training to show their desire to predict the next weather system.

Weather Camp

Immerse your kid in forecasting with a Weather Camp! Here at Penn State, two camps are held each summer for high school students. The plethora of weather-related experiences include launching a weather balloon, simulating a hurricane, and studying the past, present and future of the atmosphere. How many meteorologists today do you think went to a camp like this?

Well-known worldwide for its, well, accurate forecasts, you probably don’t know that AccuWeather is also based here in State College! They help make weather fun with graphical forecasts and photo galleries. It’s even neat to just drive by and see all the satellite dishes required to predict the weather from around the globe.

Weather Camp

At the AccuWeather site I learned about the annual AMS Weatherfest. Earlier this year, over 5,000 attended the Weatherfest in Atlanta; a great opportunity to expose kids of all ages to the world of weather forecasting. Many (and I mean many, check out their photo gallery) kids tested their on-air skills in front of the radar and extended forecast on a TV screen!

Yet another neat way to become involved with weather forecasting is to be a Kidcaster. Meteorologists at television stations, like FOX 7 in Austin, Texas, get some help from excited kids with a desire to be on TV, live! Check out Kidcaster Jacob, from FOX43 in Portsmouth, Virginia.

Weather Camp

There are so many unique opportunities to learn about the weather, but you and your kids can have fun predicting it without even leaving your home. The Little Labs Weather Science Kit by Thames and Kosmos is the perfect starter kit for children 5 and up. Perform experiments on wind, rain, storms, clouds, rainbows, temperature, evaporation, pressure and more! We also have the Weather Station Kit that goes just a little more in depth, including a weather tracker to help see what’s happened and predict what’s to come!

See how fun play helps develop children’s skills for the future in our other Toys and the Real World posts.

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