Searching High and Low to Bring You the Best Product Videos

I’ve been a visual learner all of my life. Whether learning calculus, putting together a complicated piece of furniture or deciding to buy a product, seeing a demonstration has always been beneficial to me.

Part of my job here at Growing Tree Toys is to obtain and publish images of the toys we put on our website. I try to find high quality images for every product, but sometimes a good picture still isn’t enough to demonstrate the intricacies of our toys. It can be hard to get a size reference or a true feel for how a toy will work when it arrives…

…which is exactly why we’ve begun to add video clips for as many toys as possible!

For example, the Turbospoke Bicycle Exhaust System is a lot cooler when you see it in action. The exhaust system claims to turn nearly any bike into, “a noisy motorbike look-a-like that’s still environmentally friendly.” With a tagline like “CAUTION: THIS PRODUCT IS AWESOME,” a toy like this almost requires a video!

There are plenty of other examples as well; Alex Toys has a large selection of video’s explaining their popular Art Kits. Lunastix has tutorials for a variety of juggling tricks and Fantasma gives magic lessons!

At this point, you might be wondering, “how can I access these helpful and cool videos?”

The easiest way to access our videos is click the “videos” tab located next to the “images” tab below the images on our product pages.

Videos can also be accessed by searching for the name of a toy, and then clicking the “videos” button instead of the pre-selected “products” button in the orange navigation bar.

I’m always searching for new videos to explain our toys better. I hope this helps you in your search for the best educational and specialty toys!

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