Up, up and … Oh No He Didn’t?! – A New Way to Play with the Pogo Stick

You may love the Pogo Stick, but were you ever brave (or crazy) enough to do more than jump up and down? For those us, who played it safe when it came to Pogo Sticks, take a good look at the Guinness World Record holder who took jumping sky high to new heights!

Jumping enthusiast Fred Grzybowski shattered the previous Pogo Stick jumping record of 6 feet by bouncing over 7 feet, 6 inches on a Flybar 1200 at Pogopalooza IV. Here’s a video of his amazing record breaking jump:



But if, like me, you lacked the coordination or the courage to test the limits of such a bouncy toy, let me introduce you to a whole new world of extreme Pogo Stick stunts – because when it comes to extreme stunts, flying sky high takes on a whole new meaning!

What do you get when you combine a traditional Pogo Stick and a dedicated and slightly reckless kid? Why, you ask? Here’s why … Drum roll, please!



(We don’t recommend trying this at home – ever).

Can you believe this amazing kid just completed a backflip? On a Pogo Stick?! I’ve never seen anything so unexpected in my life, so I have to ask: how does one decide to attempt flipping through the air and landing on a 2-inch metal pole? Regardless of his motivation, Conor – this young daredevil – joins an elite list of people (3 to be exact that we were able to research) who have successfully completed such a dangerous stunt!

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