Unlock a Zoo of Color and Fun – A Lock and Latch Staff Review

My little granddaughter, Desi, is a rambunctious bundle of joy whose little hands love to explore and play. Whether she’s turning locks or opening cupboards, this tiny tot never slows down – so neither can I! For weary parents, and grandparents, the Wooden Latches Board from Melissa and Doug combines every aspect of unlatching and unlocking typical locks found in the home to develop motor skills, hand-eye coordination and reasoning. Best of all, this attention-grabbing toy will have kids … sitting still!


What’s to like?

The Wooden Latches Board is entirely self-contained – no complicated instructions, no loose pieces to misplace, and a million different ways to play! This brightly colored board features shiny brass hinges, latches, chains, and snaps that are securely attached to the board for little ones to puzzle out how to open so they can explore inside each “house.”

Plus, as young ones unlock the doors and windows of this colorful Latches Board and look inside, they are introduced to six different colors – each of which are associated with a specific animal and number. For instance, when little ones look inside the purple house, they will find a picture one purple pony, which is reiterated with text as well.

The Wooden Latches Board is one of my favorite educational toys because it builds deductive reasoning skills and patience, which enhance kids’ learning experience, but it’s perfect for improvisational play as well! With this multi-faceted toy, kids can create great learning opportunities, including memory games and speed contests, which little ones can play by themselves or with an adult.


Not to be picky…

While I think that the Wooden Latches Board is an excellent way to stimulate the minds and fingers of young ones, I found that my granddaughter had difficulty opening one of the doors and one of the windows once the latches were undone because the holes were too tiny for her adorably chubby fingers. However, I also noticed that though she was frustrated that she couldn’t open the doors at first, she soon found inventive ways to work the problem out. She loves a challenge!


At the end of the day

A fun-loving learning favorite, the Wooden Latches Board is the perfect toy for children ages 3 years and up and retails for $24.95!


This staff review was brought to you by Darla, a Warehouse Shipping Associate. Here’s a little more info (in her own words) about this dedicated Growing Tree Toys team member:
I have worked at the Growing Tree warehouse since November 2008 assembling, wrapping and shipping toys to our customers. When I’m not sending toys across the country, I enjoy busying myself with all my hobbies: counted cross-stitch, Sudoku, bird watching (Cornell winter bird counts), collecting Wade porcelain, 2 pet society finches, the Bible, and traveling to East Africa. I live outside of State College, PA with my husband, a retired fisheries biologist, and we have 4 children (and 4 precious grandchildren).

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