Unleash the Super Hero Inside of You!

For those of you that know me, it may come as no surprise that I am NOT a Super Hero. Or am I? And operating a toy store is just my “day job.” You are not sure now, are you?

Practically all Super Heroes (yes, I am going to capitalize it throughout this post – it makes it more extra-special!) have day jobs, other identities, that allow them to function in society without their hidden powers becoming known. Maybe I choose to walk among this earth, playing with and selling toys, but underneath I am hiding a secret identity (more on that to come …).

That’s the best part about being a kid – your “secret” powers or your Super Hero status come to the surface far more often than it does when you are an adult. Throw on a cape, like one of these capes, and you are a Super Hero battling evil and saving the world, and all before dinner. It even takes Superman an entire movie to get that much accomplished!

But, while it seems to still not be totally acceptable to wear capes and show off your Super Hero identity all the time – even for kids – there was an answer that allowed kids, like myself at the time, to don their favorite Super Hero get-up without having to reveal the secret to the world (unless they wanted to, also more on that to come …).

I can’t believe I am going to reveal my Super Hero secret after all this time. But, I guess my days of saving the world and living a double life are now over. Or are they? This could all be a trick …

All this Super Hero can say is: Underoos were my true Super Hero! That’s right – Underoos. While I was known to wear my Wonder Woman Underoos, or my “Woman’s” as I so affectionately called them, as everyday street attire, these fancy underwear sets were actually produced to keep the Super Hero costume hidden. But, at the same time, let kids feel like they were the true Super Hero that they were.

While my choice was Wonder Woman – and why wouldn’t it be – there were plenty of options from which to choose, giving kids different special powers for every day of the week. From GI Joe, Batman and The Incredible Hulk to Batgirl and Supergirl, Underoos were the multi-purpose undergarments that kids loved to wear. Take it from me – I think I wore mine day and night for 2 years straight, which certainly made many people aware of my special powers (apparently cleanliness wasn’t one of them).

In order for you to fully understand my Super Hero secret, here is a glimpse at my Woman’s, and some of the other Underoos styles available, circa 1978:

My Underoos, and the special powers they provided me, are now long gone. While that may be the case, maybe my “day job” allows my super powers to be on display everyday anyway. Maybe owning a business that provides kids with their own Super Hero garb, dress up items and other imaginative toys that allow them to save the world – or just have lots of fun – is my true super power. If so, I need a new costume!


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