Two Talented Toddlers – A Capital Genius and Finger Painting Picasso

According to my parents, I learned to read whole books when I was 2 (it was probably closer to 3), I learned to walk at 9 months (which is true), and I was “oh so smart and talented!” What did you expect? They are my loving parents.

While I believe I was a rather ordinary child, I’d like to introduce you to two toddlers who are anything but ordinary!

Two-year old Aiden Silva, with the aid of GeoPuzzles from GeoToys, has memorized the names of every country and its capital across the globe – even with weeks of studying, most adults would not accomplish such a task! From France to Ethiopia, this super-smart toddler can identify each country by shape and expertly pronounce (for a 2-year-old at least) their tongue-twisting capital names.

Aiden’s mind-blowing talent was justly awarded the Relly Award in the Junior Achiever: Amateur category. Way to go Aiden! I know I couldn’t remember all of those countries and capitals – especially in front of a studio audience! NOTE: The Relly Awards are Regis and Kelly’s spoof of the daytime Emmy’s where the winners are presented with a golden stool.

Here is a video of the terrific toddler in action:




Another toddler who turns ordinary into extraordinary is three-year-old Zach – a fantastic finger painter who turns splotch marks into works of art! Considering that even as an adult I have trouble drawing stick figures, it’s strange to watch this tiny tot create a picture of a Ninja Turtle using only blue paint, green paint, and his fingers. Watch the master at work (enjoy!):



What a talented couple of toddlers! They blow me away!

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