Toy Shopping Just Got a Little “Greener”!

After a month of celebrating – it’s here! Happy Earth Day! Today we acknowledge 40 years of this occasion, while recognizing new and improved ways that we can help the planet. It’s inspiring to think of the role of today’s children and how they can be inspired to think “green” through play!

So, it’s the perfect day to announce our new Eco-Friendly Toys department! Here you can search for green toys along with our other helpful search options, like by other departments, age group and gender. From managing partner, Kim Emigh:

“Growing Tree Toys has long been a resource for unique, hand-picked educational toys, many of which already had eco-friendly qualities. We spent much time developing the different criteria for our Eco-Friendly Toys department with our eco consultant Jennifer Bean, evaluating our products on a number of levels. In the end, we wanted to make sure we had products that were truly ‘green,’ and developing our specific eco-friendly qualifications was the best way to ensure a meaningful and useful department of our customers.”

Our new categories and icons identify seven different and important “green” aspects – perhaps some you hadn’t thought about before! Learn more here or check out the following highlights:

Recycled MaterialsToys Made from Recycled Materials
Products made from recycled paper, plastic and more teach real applications of recycling!

Natural ResourcesToys Made from Natural Resources
Along with the “natural resource” of kids’ imaginations, many toys are made from wood, organic cotton and other natural materials.

Renewable ResourcesToys Made From Renewable Resources
Neat toys like E-Racer Bamboo Cars prove what can be made from renewable resources – watch for this category to grow!

Regionally SourcedToys that are Regionally Sourced
We appreciate the dedication of companies like Green Toys that thrive on local resources.

Eco FriendlyToys made with Eco-Friendly Manufacturing or Design
From soy-based inks to special packaging, brands find many ways to reduce their “footprint.” Every little bit helps!

Eco ConsciousToys from an Eco-Conscious Manufacturer
Of course, some of our toys do not fit into any of these categories, but many manufacturers still make “green” efforts – we acknowledge them here.

Eco LearningEco-Learning Toys and Environmental Appreciation Toys
What better way for kids to learn about the “big picture” than with kits and toys that make going green fun!

We truly hope that our Eco-Friendly Department is helpful and allows you to make decisions that are best for your family as well as the planet. We’re so excited to watch this area grow! Do not hesitate to drop us a note or comment if you have any ideas or feedback.


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