Top Ten Toddler Toys

Toddlers are so busy! We have put together a great list of ten toys that are perfect for this budding age group, helping them use their skills while developing new ones. Enjoy!

Water Symphony Bath Toy
This fun toy for the tub is a perennial favorite of Growing Tree Toys’ shoppers. The eight colorful dolphins can be attached in a ring shape or taken apart to float individually. And each makes a different sound when the top of its head is tapped! (18 months to 4 years, $24.95)


Tolo Stacking Activity Shapes Toy
Four fun little toys with sensory features, from rattles to squeaks and mirrored surfaces, can be played with individually or stacked into a colorful tower. This is one of many neat toddler toys from Tolo Toys! (6 months and up, $23.95)

Talking Tubes Toy
This unique set from Alex Toys lets toddlers (and older!) unplug and still have a chat. Three meters of tubing have familiar phone handsets on the ends, allowing for a conversation from afar. It’s a new look at “long distance” for kids! (3 years and up, $29.95)

Pony Jack in the Box Toy
The jack in the box is probably one of the more iconic toys. This one is just like toys past – an upbeat song when you crank the handle, then a friendly animal to welcome as he pops out of the box. Here you’ll hear “Home on the Range” and say hello to a fancy plush horse! (18 months and up, $24.95)

Playmobil 123 Interactive Play Farm
Toddlers do not have to wait to get their hands on Playmobil! Part of the tot-friendly Playmobil 123 collection, this fun farm offers several ways to play. It makes sounds, like animal noises and the numbers 1-6 in eight different languages! The barn itself is even a shape sorter. Then, the farmer and his animals can join in on the pretend play fun. (18 months and up, $54.99)


Kettler HKS Kettrike Happy Air Navigator
The innovative Kettrike is “built like a tank” and perfect for parents to push or for children to pedal on their own. It is packed with Kettler’s unique features like its 3-in-1 Auto-Freewheel™ Coasting Pedal System and Quick-Adjust™ Frame with five available frame adjustments. Able to be enjoyed by little ones ages 1 all the way until 5, this high-quality trike is great for toddlers and beyond. (12 months to 5 years, $229.00)

Lil Shopper Play Set
Your tot will now be ready to shop for some healthy foods! A quintet of colorful, multi-sensory food items pack into their own brown grocery bag. You read more about various ways to play with this set in a previous blog post. (6 months and up, $24.95)

Calin Laughing Flowers Play Doll
One of the beautiful Corolle Dolls we carry, Calin is a sweet new friend. She has a soft body so she can be a bedtime buddy as well. Her clothing is cute and coordinated from her striped hat to her pink pants. (18 months and up, $39.95)


SmartMax 42 Piece Basic Set
SmartMax building toys are among the hottest toys this holiday season! Perfectly designed for little hands, strong magnets allow the rods and large balls to “stick” together. Start with the basic set or see other SmartMax sets for larger creations! These are great gifts for families with multiple young kids, and lets little ones get in on the fun as well. (12 months and up, $79.95)

4 in 1 Drum Set
Can you keep the beat? It’s a whole lot easier with this drum set from Kidoozie! The “4” is a quartet of noise-making toys – a shaker, a mallet, a rattle, and a clacker attachment. They can all be played on their own, or attached to the drum. Get ready for some one-of-a-kind music! (2 years and up, $15.95)

Don’t forget to check out our whole selection of toddler toys!

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