Top Ten Bath Toys

As the weather turns chilly, playtime often shifts indoors. Looking for new ways to incorporate fun inside? How about some fun for the tub? Following is a list of our Top Ten Bath Toys.

1. Water Symphony Bath Toy

Ages: 18 months to 4 years
This set of 8 colorful, floating dolphins each play a different note when tapped on the head. They can be hooked together by their inner tubes or can float freely.

2. Rub a Dub Dirty Dishes Bath Toy
Ages: 2 years and up
One of four Alex Bath Toys on our countdown, this set brings a mundane chore to the tub! The dishes magically become “clean” in warm water.

3. Tidoo Strawberry Baby Doll
Ages: 18 months and up
You may already be aware of our cute Corolle Dolls but how about the Corolle Tidoo Dolls collection, all set for the bath?

4. Pirate Ship Bath Toy
Ages: 18 months to 3 years
Also from the makers of the Water Symphony, Tomy Toys, is the Pirate Ship Bath Toy. This intriguing toy includes a firing cannon, squirting octopus, spinning water wheel, and escape boat.

5. Floating Ducks Bath Toy
Ages: 12 months and up
This mom-and-duckling pair floats in the water but rocks back and forth on a hard surface. The duckling nests on top of the mother in this sleek, modern set.

6. Rub a Dub ABC and 123
Ages: 2 years and up
One of our many Alex Bath Toys, this set includes
62 foam pieces – 2 alphabets and two sets of numbers 0-9 – that stick to the walls of the tub when wet.

7. Gbaby 19-Piece Baby Farm Blocks Set
Ages: 10 months and up
These magnetic farm animals help infants develop dexterity and sensory skills, whether in the bathtub or in the playroom.

8. Rub a Dub Squirters for the Tub
Ages: 6 months and up
A perfect toy for babies, in and out of the tub! Choose their favorite set of five colorful, chubby squirters, like transportation, jungle animals, and ocean.

9. Motor Boat Murray
Ages: 12 months and up
The 2-in-1 wind-up motor boat from Wow Toys features a propeller for water use and wheels for dry land.

10. Morphibians Land Shark Remote Control Toy
Ages: 5 years and up
Now, this is a bit of a stretch as a Bath Toy, but it can sure handle the water! The Kid Galaxy Morphibians Toys are ready for grass, dirt, sand, and yes, even water!

For tons more fun for the tub, as well as the ability to search by age and type of bath toy, check out our entire selection of Bath Toys!

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