Top 10 Toys for Team Zissou

Welcome to the second installment of our Staff Holiday Pick, my list of top 10 toys for young members of the Zissou Society. If The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou was real life and you were shopping for a Ned Plimpton at age eleven and a half—I would suggest these. This unique list is full of toys with exploration, biology, adventure and sea creature themes.

10. The Magic Fish Bowl Toy—Tropical fish specimens swim in a fish bowl for observation. They aren’t real, they’ll never die and no one has to clean the tank. Perfect.

9. Fish Sketch Book and Fish Pastels—Perfect, stylized tools to documenting unique creature finds.

8. World Map Puzzle Ball—Members of the Zissou Society needs to know geography. This spherical puzzle also shows where many different species live.

7. Strange Plants Collection—Discover and grow some of the world’s oddest plants in a home terrarium.

Strange Plants Collection Strange Plants Collection

6. Sea Horsing Around Puzzle –A 300 piece puzzle jigsaw puzzle teeming with colorful marine life.

Sea Horsing Around Puzzle Sea Horse

5. River Crossing Game –This brainteaser is perfect training for adventure. A hiker is fighting his way across dangerous waters and it’s up to the player to see him across.

4. Playmobil Shark Diver Play Set—Maybe Esteban wouldn’t have been eaten by that jaguar shark if he played with this toy as a child. It’s pretty neat and the diver gets to be safely within a cage.

Duo Lab Microscope

3. Ant-O Sphere Kit—This special structure gives ants the right lighting to put them at ease so they act as they would underground and allows kids to study ants from all angles.

2. Planet Earth Game—This DVD trivia game features footage from the beautiful Planet Earth documentary series. Your whole family will learn new animal facts.

1. Duo Lab Microscope and Creepy Crawlies Prepared Slide—A microscope is a must have for young members of the Zissou Society. How else could they fully examine their specimens? Right now (if you are reading this in a timely manner) it’s on sale! And the Creepy Crawlies Prepared Slide Set is a perfect addition to get them started.

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