Timeless Outdoor Fun with Sidewalk Chalk

Last November in our blog, Kendra took a look at some amazing 3-D sidewalk chalk creations – true “street artists. Creating a masterpiece with sidewalk chalk is a perfect outdoor activity for a summer day.

A neat idea for a sidewalk chalk based activity that can be of interest to kids of many ages is to make a sundial! In the morning, find a spot where the sun is always shining, mark it, and from there you can keep track of the time throughout the day. At PreSchoolMama she uses the sundial to help her daughter know what meal it is time to eat.

Games can be tons of fun when played outside with sidewalk chalk, as pretty much any pen-and-paper game can translate to chalk-and-sidewalk. An example would be the simple “dots” game, ready to play after drawing a grid of dots. I also spotted some great ideas from Or so she says… like win, lose or draw, mazes, and playing “around town,” where kids can travel on their ride-on toys to the different locations they drew with chalk!

The place to be over Labor Day for sidewalk chalk fans is Sacramento, California for the 20th annual Chalk it Up! weekend. The highlights of course are the over 200 chalk masterpieces, including the “Community Squares” where the public can contribute for free. The yearly event in the state capital helps fund kids’ art education programs, and of course, provides a fun weekend for the young ones.

The 20 Sidewalk Chalks Set from Alex Toys is one of the several festive summer fun toys featured in our “Toys of Summer” Twitter giveaway! All month you can enter the contest via Twitter and we will announce a lucky winner in the beginning of September. Check out the details!

The photo of kids playing tic-tac-toe with chalk is from Limestone City Photography – follow the link to find some great tips for taking pictures of your kids at play. The cute child making a chalk creation was accessed from Flickr.

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  1. Charlotte@WoodenDollsHouse August 18, 2010 at 5:20 am #

    My girls never tire of sidewalk chalk play, it’s such an essential activity to have up your sleeve, even in winter. My eldest loves creating murals and waiting with anticipation for the rain to come- an excited goodbye to her creations is just the beginning of a whole new mural to come. It entertains for hours, love it.

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