Time To Celebrate: Our New Birthday Club

At our brick and mortar store here in State College, PA, we’ve run a fun and quite successful birthday club for many years. Now in 2010, we are excited about branching out our Birthday Club to our website visitors as well!

We know how special a birthday is, especially for a child, and we appreciate the opportunity to help celebrate the occasion.

It’s very easy (and free!) to become a member. Visit our sign-up page where you can enter your children’s names and birthdays. Then, about two weeks before the special day, we will send you a special surprise to help get ready for the big birthday!

So in the spirit of celebration, Happy Un-Birthday (or, Happy Birthday if it manages to be today!) and we look forward to having you as a member in our Birthday Club!

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  1. Molly Granger March 13, 2010 at 11:05 pm #


    I just discovered this website and am already amazed by the personal touch you give your business. Most online toy retailers, although very colorful and creative, are still pretty hestitant to be “too friendly” to their customers and really miss out on a great opportunity to develop onging relationhips with potential customers. So kudos on that!

    As far as the “Birthday Club” idea, I think it’s brilliant. I’m assuming that you send out a coupon of some sort via email. But do you also send out a “snail mail” version as well?

    I’m assuming the answer is “no” because it may make this whole strategy prohibitive due to the increased marketing costs. But nonetheless, I think it’s a genius idea.

    Best wishes to you and your company,


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