Three Cheers for Thanksgiving Part 1 – Getting Ready for Both Food and Fun

[Charlie Brown]
I can’t cook a Thanksgiving dinner. All I can make is cold cereal and maybe toast. 

That’s right. I’ve seen you make toast.


Charlie Brown may not be able to cook a turkey (he’s not allowed to touch a hot oven), peel potatoes (no playing with sharp objects allowed), or sweeten yams (what is a yam anyway?), but he’s still one good cook! From beautifully browned toast with butter to perfectly popped popcorn, everyone’s favorite character brings all of his friends together for the holidays with a dinner spread any kid would love!

When it comes to creating a holiday meal for the entire family, little ones are adorably notorious for finding ways to ‘help’ with the preparation so they can be just like mom and dad! So, this year, why not give kids the tools they need to create their own fantastically delicious and imaginatively nutritious Thanksgiving meal from start to finish.


With the sugar shock of a happy Halloween slowly wearing away, the Pretend & Play Supermarket Set from Learning Resources Toys provides children with the supplies they need to open their own store and shop for all of their Thanksgiving dinner needs. This 93-piece set includes a durable cotton apron with dry-erase nametag, shopping basket, groceries, assorted dry-erase sale signs, coupons, assorted plastic coins, paper play money, pretend credit card, and shopping lists – everything kids need to shop successfully!
Now that kids have ‘bought’ their groceries, do they have any cooking supplies? Look no further than the Completer Cooking Set from Alex Toys – the play set that is just the right size for kids to stir up some fun and bake a soufflé of play! This kid-sized, 9-piece set contains an oven mitt, pot holder, whisk, measuring spoon set, wooden spoon, sauté pan, 4.5” pot with lid, and sauce pan. Watch out Emeril, there’s a new chef in town!
No one likes bland and boring turkey – kids can add some zest to any pretend meal with the Melissa & Doug Magnetic Kitchen Bottle Collection Play Set! Common condiments that will certainly spice up imaginative play, this set features removable, color-coordinated magnetic caps and includes salad dressing, olive oil, tomato ketchup, jam, and mustard. Mmm, Mmm, Mmm!
And no one knows better than a child that there is always room for dessert, even during play, so the Slice and Bake Cookie Set from Melissa & Doug is sure to hit the spot! After a long day of cooking, the Slice and Bake Cookie Set lets kids create a decorative dessert as fancy or as simple as they like with the included 12 cookies and 18 different toppings. This delicious play set also includes a cookie sheet, a colorful kitchen mitt, a spatula, and a knife. These cookies are certain to appease the creative sweet tooth!


When the imaginative oven cools off and the delectable and creative cookies have been devoured, kids will be proud that they made their very own meal – just like mom, dad and Charlie Brown. Whew, I’m sure kids will be exhausted from their day of play. How about a nap?

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