They Put the “Zing” in Outdoor Toys!

With nationwide initiatives from the White House to the NFL that are pushing kids to get outside playing and exercising, it is no wonder that we search for a wonderful array of outdoor toys for kids of all ages. But as a buyer, I find outdoor active toys to be one of the hardest categories for which to buy. Sadly, there just aren’t as many outdoor toy companies as there are companies in some of our other categories, which makes the selection small, and the amount of toys that we love even smaller.

But, “flying” in to fill that hole with a wonderful selection of outdoor toys that are super-fun is Zing Toys! While we have seen them for a few years now, we have finally added Zing Toys to our product mix. Was it the wonderfully fun booth at Toy Fair that sealed the deal? Perhaps, but we are happy to finally have them in stock just in time for warmer temperatures.

First and foremost, their toys are just FUN! While this may seem like a simple prerequisite for outdoor toys, we search high and low for toys that fit the bill – and Zing Toys goes above and beyond in the fun department. Not only do they offer simple, inexpensive toys – like the Zeebeez Toy that can jump with simple action – but they also offer an array of flying toys, throwing toys, and other products that are sure to get kids running, jumping, and playing the day away.

But, in addition to these items, they offer the super-cool Zyclone Zing Ring Blaster, which is far and away our favorite toy from them. This unique toy features a launcher that sends a ring flying up to 100 feet – not only is it fun, but kids can turn it into a variety of challenging games that are sure to have them running and playing in no time. But in case me telling you how awesome this toy is does not win you over, check out the video that Zing put together showing the Zyclone in action, and I know you will rush to buy it:

Those kids are clearly more skilled than I was when I attempted playing with the Zyclone, but I thought it was fun regardless of my inability to send the ring where I wanted it to go. And, all of our compadres in ASTRA (the association that represents specialty toy stores) seemed to agree with us, as the Zyclone was voted one of the top toys that stores saw at Toy Fair this year.

So, when you are looking for fun items that will keep kids outside, active, and having fun, Zing Toys, might be just the brand of toys for which you are searching. These simple, yet super fun, toys will be entertaining for kids and have them racing to play outside. And, that’s why we love Zing Toys, and we hope you do too!

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