They’re Magically Magnetic! – A Magformers Staff Review

Let’s face it – most kids have a very short attention span, even when they are interested in an engaging activity. They dash absentmindedly from coloring to playing games to crafts and more, but few toys or activities seem to hold their attention for very long … until now! The Magformers Magnetic Building Toys from Rainbow Products are the colorful and functioning building sets that “attract” kids with their endless building possibilities!


What’s to like?

The concept of magnetic building toys has been around for ages, but none with as much pizzazz and panache as these Magformers Magnetic Building Sets! So, what makes these building sets so appealing? With these colorful building sets, young ones (and the young at heart) can create mesmerizing 2D or 3D objects. My favorite aspects of Magformers are the endless ways to play. For instance, young ones can create hundreds of free standing buildings by connecting pieces together like traditional building blocks; or, they can arrange the Magformers pieces on a flat surface and lift them vertically to watch them connect to make a 3D shape (talk about “up-lifting” building action)!

And best of all, these Magformers Magnetic Building Toys are 100% interchangeable with each other! No matter with which Magformers Building Set young ones begin their creative careers, expanding endless play possibilities is a snap with any of the other Magformers Magnetic Building Sets. Some of my favorite Magformers sets include the beginner 14-piece, the intermediate 30-piece set, the on-the-go 30-piece cruiser set, and the advanced 62-piece set. For those youngsters who love brilliantly bright colors, the 30-piece Magformers set also comes as a rainbow multi-colored pack to brighten any building experience!


The Magformers Magnetic Building Sets are some of my favorite educational activities because they encourage hand-eye coordination and help to build motor skills, all while providing an exciting learning experience. I love that this is one activity that my sister and I can enjoy together while building our very own creations. And (when it’s my lucky day), this is one activity that keeps her quiet as well as content!


At the end of the day

Ranging in price from $18.95 (for the smallest set) to $74.95 (for the largest set), Magformers Magnetic Building Toys, for ages 5 years and up, make a great gift for any building enthusiast – young or young at heart!


This staff review was brought to you by me, Kendra, Copywriter at Growing Tree Toys. Here’s a little more info (in my own words) about my time with the company:
I have worked at Growing Tree Toys for 3 years as a copywriter for our store’s website, where I get to play with demo toys to learn the “in’s” and “out’s” of all our products. Since I can’t really justify buying endless amounts of toys for myself, my family and friends are pretty much guaranteed to get presents from Growing Tree Toys – and no one is happier about that than my little 9-year-old sister! When I’m not tinkering with toys, I read every book I can find – and currently I own approximately 200 books!

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