These Webbed Feet are made for Walking – A Ducky Staff Review

Watching young ones waddle along is a sweet sight – especially when they have a waddling friend to guide them! And parents know that anytime you can add a toy to an everyday activity, kids are more likely to keep at it, which helps turn a teetering toddler into a wonderful walker in no time! Which is why parents don’t ruffle their feathers at buying the Push Along Duck Toy from Plan Toys – this push toy keeps kids quacking and walking to every parent’s delight!


What’s to like?
The idea of push walking toys has been around for ages – I know I had a few choice walkers as a young one. So, what makes this Push Along Duck Toy so appealing? In my opinion, it is the sleek simplicity of this toy. I know that a myriad of fancy push toys exist in the toy world today, many with fun sounds, colors, lights and more; and, if that is the type of walking toy for which you are looking, this duck may not be for you. This Push Along Duck goes back to basics, featuring an all wood design with a sturdy handle and a bobbling wooden duck head, as well as fabric feet that hide squeakers that make noise as the wheels spin round and round. But, let me stress that back to basics does not mean boring – this ducky is as cute as can be and will have little ones happily motoring around in no time!

And best of all, this wooden design is not only good looking, but good for the environment! This eco-friendly push toy, as well as all wooden Plan Toys, is made from chemical-free, kiln-dried recycled rubberwood and is finished with water-based, non-toxic paint for a colorful, yet safe, design. In other words, the environment does not have to “fly south” to make a delightfully fun toy for children!

Another reason to fall in love with the Push Along Duck Toy from Plan Toys is the intentional side effect of playing with this push toy – tired toddlers! Not only will this push toy improve their balance and directional skills, but it will have kids traveling with their duck friend all over the place, which means lots and lots of walking! And, I am sure that kids will love the sounds and action of this toy as much as I do – in fact, kids love to take a stroll around our store pushing this delightful ducky as they browse and play, which is a true testament to how appealing this toy is for young walkers!


At the end of the day
A feathered friend that will have kids flying along the ground, the Plan Toys Push Along Duck Toy is perfect for kids 19 months and up and retails for $34.95. While parents will love the simple, sturdy design and the eco-friendly features of this push toy, kids will just quack with delight at how much fun they have walking with their new duck friend!


This staff review was brought to you by Kim, a Managing Partner. Here’s a little more info (in her own words) about this long time Growing Tree Toys team member:

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