The World’s Largest Creatures

Over the weekend, I watched a lot of the live coverage of the Pennsylvania Farm Show. I was amazed by what I thought were rather giant pigs, but learned they were actually pretty standard sized pigs. Nonetheless, it made me want to look around for some truly large animals. As with pretty much anything with the internet, Wikipedia sums up the subject well! Here are some favorites from that list.

Largest… Anteater
The biggest anteater has an appopriate name, the Giant Anteater, reaching heights of eight feet and weighing in close to 150 pounds. Its prehistoric ancestor, the sloth, was as tall as 17 feet!

Largest… Lagomorph
The biggest bunny you’ll ever see is a Flemish Giant, tipping the scales at nearly 30 pounds! Martha Stewart’s resident petkeeper, Mark Morrone, has a Flemish Giant that’s often featured on his shows.

Largest… Frog
The Goliath Frog, found in a relatively small habitat in Africa, can be near nine pounds with a “snout-to-vent” length of 14 inches.

Largest… Centipede
Watch out if you are in South America, as you may see a foot(!)-long creature – the Peruvian giant yellowleg centipede!

Largest… Pigeon
The very blue, and very pretty Victoria Crowned Pigeon boasts the honor of largest pigeon, weighing up to 5.5 pounds. Size-wise it doesn’t compare to the largest known bird, the extinct Dodo, a flightless bird that weighed up to 50 pounds!

See the full list of largest organisms (and more pictures like the ones you’ve seen here), and for young animal lovers, take a look at all of our wild animal and zoo toys!

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