The Cupcake Sleepover Guide

Just as with hosting a sleepover for boys, keep the group small (3-5 girls) and plan the party for a Friday night. A girls sleepover can be tons of fun with a CUPCAKE THEME!

Here are some ideas for your own Sweet Dreams Sleepover!

• Before the party, get a pair of cool socks for every girl. With your child’s help, fold them into sock swirls and put them into empty cupcake papers! Cover the socks with fun candy stickers to make them look like cupcakes. When the guests sit down for dinner, have a sock cupcake waiting at everyone’s place! This idea was inspired by the sock cupcakes on All About Cupcakes.

• When the guests arrive, have them dress like cupcakes for The Waltz of The Cupcakes! What do I mean and how do you dress up like a cupcake?

• To dress like a cupcake, gather the most colorful clothes in the house into a box. Make sure there are lots of scarves and accessories. Girls can make headbands to wear for this activity—just hot glue craft and felt pieces that look like cherries, sprinkles and decorations to colorful headbands. The girls will use their imaginations to fit the theme.

• Once everyone is ready, it’s time for the dance to your cupcake playlist! Pick songs with your daughter beforehand that remind you both of cupcakes and fun. Then play it for a crazy freestyle dance party!

• Older girls tend to prefer choreographing dances. For a fun twist, split the girls into groups and let them make dances inspired by different cupcake flavors. After they perform, the other groups can guess what flavor the dance represented! (Because dancing like a cupcake flavor is rather abstract it’s unlikely that anyone will guess. But it is lots of fun!)

• At this point the girls will probably be craving real cupcakes. Serve some delicious Cherry Limeade Cupcakes with milk! Ok, that’s what I would want if I were invited. But here are lots of recipes for flavors that kids without a taste for lime are more likely to want.

• Naturally, the guests will want to decorate their own cupcakes too! For an additional project, have each girl decorate a stick to look like herself (like a tongue depressor or Popsicle stick) with paper and yarn. They can stick these flat little friends into the cupcakes and then play with them later!

• By 6 p.m. I advise you to stop feeding them cupcakes! Try to serve a healthy meal for dinner, even if it is take-out, to counteract the afternoon of cupcake destruction.

• One of my favorite craft kits, The Dainty Desserts Petite and Sweet Trinket Boxes Kit from Creativity for Kids, includes materials to make 6 dessert inspired trinket boxes. It also comes with a desert display tray! Have all the children display their cupcake box for the night. When morning comes, maybe the boxes are filled with tiny surprises that you’ve stealthily planted?

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Thanks to Annie’s Eats for the Cherry Limeade Cupcake Photo and to Design Mom for the cute pink shoe picture!

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