The Real ASTRA Report – Can’t Wait for our New Toys!

It’s been a week since the conclusion of the ASTRA Marketplace in Providence, RI, and while all the ordering is done, there is still much to do!

Here’s the good news though – old and new favorites are trickling into our warehouse, which means we will have plenty of new product appearing on the website over the next few months. While these new toys are not yet featured on the site, I wanted to give you a “sneak peek” of what to expect.

First, we are happy to add a new baby brand that is as eco-friendly as it is cute! Dandelion provides a wonderful assortment of baby products, with great green elements like organic cotton and bamboo, and with all products featuring recycled packaging. We will be carrying their cute plush, some teethers, blankies, and adorable products from their pink line – while the product is all “green” in the eco-sense, it can still have kid-friendly colors, right? So, look for the dandy company Dandelion in August!

Anomia Card Game

Let’s shift gears and look at games – especially the MENSA winning games! Each year, MENSA bestows awards upon 5 children’s games after playing some of the industry’s best. And, we have 4 of the 5 winning games coming in for you to play! First, are games from new companies for us – the Anomia Card Game from Anomia Press and the Yikerz Game from Wiggles 3D Incorporated. While Yikerz is all about placement and patience, with magnetic stones that can’t help but attract, Anomia is the quick word-play card game that will have your mind scrambling! While both are a little mind-bending, both are super-fun too!

Dizios Game

We also feature 2 new games from manufacturers we have carried for some time – the Dizios Game from Mindware and Forbidden Island from Gamewright. Dizios is all visual as players try to match up color tiles to align edges for points, while Forbidden Island is all strategy as players try to collect treasures before their island sinks! Best of all, all of these games are great family games – perfect for family game nights!

Saddle Scooter

And while I could go on and on with great new product, like the new introductions from Creativity for Kids or the amazing new French line Djeco from Hotaling (the people who brought us Papo) or the latest styles of Uglydolls; instead, I will leave you with one last new item to anticipate. Fun and Function is a great company that focuses on special needs toys, and we are excited to bring in their Saddle Scooter! This wonderful little ride-on toy is made from high density foam and is great for building motor skills while scooting about – and kids will love it!

Stay tuned for all the newest toys and games to be added to our site over the next few months. Be sure to visit the “New Arrivals” category on our site often to make sure you don’t miss these and other great toys!

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