The Luck of the Draw – Take Me Back Tuesday remembers the Uno Game

To this day I am the reigning Uno champion among my family and my friends. While most of them say that my luck is too good to be true (ahem… that I cheated), I say that I’m merely lucky – lucky enough to attract most “Draw Four” and “Wild” cards in the pile. I admit that, yes, that sort of luck seems suspicious, but the game of Uno is and will always be about the luck of the draw. So, how can you cheat chance?

When you see the Uno Card Game today, you can experience themed Uno decks ranging from the Simpsons to the Cars movie to the extremely popular High School Musical 2; however, I was fortunate enough to grow up with the blissfully blank original version of this classic game (which I still have to this day because classics never die).

While the mechanics of the Uno Card Game have always been deceptively simple – there are 4 colors of cards (red, green, blue, and yellow) with numbers that range from 0 to 9, 3 “action” cards (reverse, skip, and draw two), and special action cards (draw four and wild) that players use to empty their hand of cards – players often forget that their success relies strictly on chance.

Then again, unless you were playing with your parents (and not even always then), the official Uno rules were strictly voluntary making “chance” a little less likely. I mean whether you drew cards from the “pick up” pile until you had one to play or you discarded as many action cards in a row as possible during a Uno face-off, everyone made their own rules to this game – whether or not they admit it.

Here’s a small piece of Uno history that I dug up from the YouTube archives – the very 80’s Uno Game commercial (Enjoy!):

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