Teeny Tiny Nanoblocks are Great Big Fun!

Have you ever been to the Taj Mahal? Or have you seen a koala bear up close? Not only can you see these and more, you can build authentic replicas AND hold them in the palm of your hand! Check out Nanoblocks – building sets that are like no other!

Nanoblocks are similar to other snap together blocks – with one major change: they are the smallest blocks you have ever seen! With the littlest piece measuring about 4mm x 4mm x 5mm, it takes precision to make these mini-masterpieces.


The Nanoblock Sights to See collection lets young and old recreate historic sites like the iconic statues of Easter Island and the one and only Eiffel Tower. And would you believe there are several hundred pieces in each set?

Go even smaller with cute Nanoblock animals, part of the Nanoblock Mini Series. At around 100 pieces per pack, these little animals are less than $10 per set. Canine lovers will enjoy the darling White Terrier (complete with a water bowl!). Other animal friends include a dolphin, a parakeet, and a pig!

Our selection will continue to grow – so start your Nanoblock collection today!

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