Summer Fun on the Farm

Our home state of Pennsylvania is largely farmland, with agriculture being the number one industry here. Farms are spotlighted several times in August in our area alone, starting with the Central PA Local Foods Week and Farm Tour; a week of special events followed by a day of intimate tours of area farms. The state’s largest outdoor agricultural show, Ag Progress Days, is held yearly mid-month. Then, starting tomorrow is the Centre County Grange Encampment and Fair (or “Grange Fair“) includes livestock contests, animal shows, exhibits, and the wildly-popular on-site camping.

We celebrate fun on the farm year round at our website, with several different farm toys!

For Babies & Toddlers: Let little ones learn about our farm animal friends with Baby Farm Friends Bowling and Farm Sound Blocks.

Farm Art: We carry some neat options for farm-inspired creations, like the Little Hands My Collage Farm Kit and the Ready2Learn Giant Farm Animal Stamps (Read a fun parent review of the stamps here!)

Playmobil Farm: Just like the school, Playmobil has a large set of buildings, people, animals and accessories in the Playmobil Farm!

Farmhouse Decor: For those that want to bring the fun of the farm indoors, the Guidecraft Little Farmhouse furniture is a must-see. Decorate a whole room with coordinating chairs, a table, a stepstool, and a toy box.

Schleich: The hand-painted, true-to-life Schleich Farm Animal Figures would love to call the Big Red Barn Set home!

Though the growing season may be winding down, our farm toys make the farm fun anytime!

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