Summer Fun at the Zoo Thanks to “ZooBorns”!

I’ve already illustrated my fondness for the zoo, and one of the neatest things is that zoos are constantly changing! There is always something new to see, from the Buffalo Zoo’s Heritage Farm to the Polar Frontier at the Columbus Zoo & Aquarium. But another, more literally “new” addition to any zoo is an exciting new zoo baby!

Zoos are among the top promoters of animal conservation efforts, namely supporting endangered species, thanks to their research and expertise. On March 16, the Santa Barbara Zoo welcomed two Wild Humboldt penguin chicks, a species vulnerable to extinction.

Wild Humboldt Zoo Baby

Earlier this month, Nashville, Tennessee was hit by unprecedented rainfall and massive flooding, but naturally that doesn’t stop the circle of life at the local zoo. The Nashville Zoo’s “storm babies” included a Eurasian lynx cub and a Baird’s tapir calf.

Nashville Zoo Storm Babies

Checking in at 348 pounds is Baylor, a baby Asian elephant born on May 4th at the Houston Zoo! See what a fun time Baylor had with his baby pool and his mom, Shanti!

Houston Zoo Baby Elephant

See all the zoo newborns, literally from aardvarks to zebras at a website fittingly called! (All photos on this post were retrieved from that website.) For more, to the minute updates and great ideas for summer fun from zoos and aquariums all over the country check out our special Zoo & Aquariums list on Twitter. For zoo-related fun anytime, check out the Playmobil Zoo collection!

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