Summer Fun with Zartz Darts

I have always enjoyed the Outdoor Toys department here at Growing Tree Toys, and whenever there is a new twist on a toy you throw I must try it for myself. Last year I was hooked on the Djubi, and this year when I saw the Zartz Darts – I knew I had to try it.

To play you need two players – and each player places one of the hand targets on their hand. Then you can throw the darts back and forth and try to catch the Zartz Dart on your target.

First of all, let’s start with the Zartz Dart.

Zartz 9

The Zartz Dart is made of what I would say is a sturdy foam material – perfectly safe for children who may not catch the Zartz Dart and have it hit them on the arm, leg or even head! And while it is foam, it is also very sturdy, as our dog stole the Zartz Dart while we were playing and the dart showed not signs of damage! The dart is also great because it is weighted on one end, so no matter how you throw it, the dart lands with the suction end facing down – just like you need it to make a great catch!

Now as for catching, you use the two included target paddles. There is an elastic band on each paddle and you wear it just like a baseball glove. The great part about the target paddles is that all you need to do is get your paddle in front of the dart and it sticks – it is that easy! This makes the game really easy for kids of various ages and skill levels. We played this game with an 8 year old boy and 4 year old girl. The 8 year old loved it because it was catching (he is really into baseball), but with a different twist that made it unique. And while the toy is recommended for ages 6 years and older, the 4 year old could not let her brother have all the fun – so she wanted to give it a try. What was nice is that with a little parental supervision she could stick her hand out and make a catch – just like her older brother! And of course, as adults we had a good time launching the Zartz Dart to one another. I must say, it is amazing how well it sticks to the paddles – very rewarding for young children learning to catch – they feel like a pro! Heck, even I felt good about myself!

Zartz Darts Fun Pack

In addition to catch, the Zartz Dart has one more cool feature – it sticks to almost anything – especially windows and doors. So for some extra fun, we threw the Zartz Dart at our door to see who could get it closest to the center, the top of the door or whatever someone thought of next. Of course, anytime you get to throw something at a door – it is a good time for all! So as you can imagine, with the ability to stick to anything it is easy for children to create different games and activities with the Zartz Dart. Although kids, please ask your parents before you throw at any doors!

The Zartz Fun Pack comes with one “Zartz Dart”, two paddles and a carrying case – and for the price, you really can’t be it! So I highly recommend the Zartz Dart game for children and adults!


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