Simple Snowflakes: A Timeless Craft

What role does snow play in your holiday fun? I grew up where “snow” was the one day every three years where white flakes fell from the sky and melted right before your eyes. (Or better yet, we would gather up the frost on the blades of grass to make a single snowball.) Now I live where a 10″ snowfall is commonplace.

Whether you and your family lives or visits somewhere for the holidays that’s blanketed with snow or not, you can still have snow-themed fun thanks to one of the simplest of crafts: snowflakes!

The supplies are simple – paper and scissors. It’s a great way to use scrap paper as well! Simply fold the paper, say in half, then half again, then half again, cut out shapes, and unfold to see what you’ve created! See this handy How to Make Paper Snowflakes slideshow if you want to see exactly how you can get started. But remember – it doesn’t have to be totally symmetrical!

This is a great, extremely low-cost craft for younger kids to learn about shapes and develop cutting skills. A set of My First Scissors would be perfect for these early learners to use!

Now if you want to be truly inspired by what can be done with just paper and scissors (and as she says, with a “dash of craft knife”) take a look at these stunning works of snowflake art by Jenny Lee Fowler. Looking at the thumbnails, you’d have no idea how intricate the designs are, but click through and you’ll see amazing cutouts like people, birds, trees and more.

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