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Today we highlight a newer interactive role for consumers on our website,! Our recently revamped product review functionality provides some unique opportunities to share your opinions on our great educational toys.

Probably our favorite feature is that you can specify who you bought this toy for – your child, grandchild, or for your school, just to name a few – so that fellow shoppers can really understand your perspective! We think that will help other parents, grandparents and so on find the right toy for their gift-giving needs.

While we highlight the ability to browse by age group (a popular element of our site), you can also specify the age of the child for which you bought this toy. Maybe a toy that says ages 3-6 on the box is actually a lot of fun for older kids too! We’d like to know! Your input will help us and other shoppers make their decisions.

Finally, you can really show how you feel by adding pictures or even a YouTube video to your review.

Have you placed an order with us in the past and would like to offer your experience or opinions on our blog? We’d appreciate it! You can simply sign up for an account using the same address as when you placed the order, and your items purchased will be available to review. From there, you can make your own profile page as detailed as you like.

As always, thank you for visiting and we are excited about this additional way you can interact with us and our visitors!

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