Shake and Search the Day Away – A Glitz & Glamour Staff Review

Whether you’re going to visit the kids’ grandparents who live 3 hours away or trying to keep your kids focused on something other than cookies at the grocery store, there never seems to be a toy that can handle the challenge…until now! The Find It Glitz & Glamour Game from Find It Games is the hand-held, self-contained scavenger hunt game that will have kids spinning, shaking, and searching the day away.


What’s to like?

The Find It Glitz & Glamour Game is entirely self-contained – no complicated instructions, no loose pieces to misplace, and a million different ways to play! This pretty pink and purple game features 44 glamorous objects that every child can recognize including ballet slippers, a puppy, a cell phone, a curling iron, and the infamous penny – my favorite object to find since it really is tricky! And because every object is a different size and most blend with the recycled plastic pellets, finding all of them is always a challenge no matter how many times you play. Keep those eyes peeled!


Plus, when you run out of the included handy tear-off checklists (because you’ve played this game over and over again solo or with friends), there is a permanent list of objects printed on top of the canister so there’s always a list at your fingertips – play time will never be interrupted! Perfect for those times when pen and paper are nowhere to be found!

The Find It Glitz & Glamour is my favorite educational game because it builds deductive reasoning skills and patience, which enhance kids’ learning experience, but it’s perfect for improvisational play as well! I enjoy shaking the canister to create an impromptu maraca when I get tired of searching, but kids might love it for that reason first, rather than for the searching aspect. And, the octagonal canister ends make for easy-gripping to allow kids imaginations to run wild with endless possibilities as they search, toss, shake, and twist – the fun never stops with the Glitz & Glamour!

An awesome side-note – Find It Games cares about important causes! Find It Games has partnered with Susan G. Komen for the Cure to join the fight against breast cancer. From August 1, 2009 to July 31, 2010, they will donate $1.00 to the foundation for every Glitz & Glamour sold to retailers – with a minimum guaranteed donation of $25,000!


Not to be picky…

Now, while I think the Find It Glitz & Glamour Game is the perfect on-the-go distraction (and who doesn’t love that?), I discovered that after the objects are located they like to hang-out towards the outside of the canister. But perhaps this is actually the perfect play opportunity for kids! Find It Glitz & Glamour further encourages play by relying on kids to shake, twist and maneuver the objects back under the plastic pellets so the next game can begin! Or, change the rules of this scavenger hunt by challenging kids to locate objects in a certain order, which encourages kids to hide some of these objects again.


At the end of the day

For $19.95, the Find It Glitz & Glamour provides kids, 8 years and older, with lots of laughs, tons of play possibilities and a few free hours from “Are we there yet?” and “I want cookies!”

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