Runway Ready – A Fashion Angels Design Studio Staff Review

Anyone that knows me knows that I LOVE everything having to do with fashion! I have enough outfits to last me months and a shoe closet every girl would want. A few years ago, I took my love of fashion to the next level and decided to start designing and making my own garments. I’ve only made a handful of pieces (mostly skirts), but I have a ton of sketches lying around. If only the Fashion Angels Design Studio was around when I first started with my designs, I could’ve had all the resources I needed conveniently stored in one portfolio!


What’s to like?

The Fashion Angels Design Studio is perfect for those just starting out in the world of fashion design, as well as those who have been sketching for years. This portfolio is jam-packed with all of the necessary supplies to develop and strengthen one’s knowledge of prints, textures, colors, fits, embellishments and accessories (oh my!). The included style guide is a tabbed guide breaking down 16 different parts to every garment (e.g. collars, sleeves, necklines, etc.). I love that while each tab provides up to 8 different suggestions for garment sections, kids are not limited to those choices (that’s what creative art is all about)! With a little creativity, the fashion-forward possibilities are endless! The color and fabric swatch guides are great for helping artists recognize complimentary colors and prints. Did you know that floral prints can be paired nicely with stripes? However, Polka Dots, Checks and Stripes all together will always be out of fashion! Thank you to the musical group Parachute Express for that reminder.

Plus, the Fashion Angles Design Studio features plenty of drawing pads for young artists to get their sketches right every time. The newsprint pad is awesome for all preliminary drawings so kids don’t worry about using all of their high quality paper for “sketchy” ideas. In love with your design, but wish you had a pencil skirt instead of an A-line skirt? That’s simple! Use your tracing paper to copy the parts of your design that you like, while adjusting the parts you don’t. Once your design is complete, you can transfer your final outfit onto the croquis Fashion Angels pad, which has plenty of space for designers to make notes about fabrics, colors, or other specifications. And don’t forget to design the matching handbag and shoes because accessories can make or break an outfit!

I wasn’t kidding when I said this kit has everything you need included in one, easy-to-carry portfolio! This Design Studio includes 24 colored markers as well as 24 colored pencils to add those fantastic finishing touches. The markers are great for creating solid colors and heavier fabrics, while the pencils are perfect for prints, sheer fabrics and laces. Kids can create the perfect design by experimenting and mixing the two media.


At the end of the day

For $24.95, the Fashion Angels Design Studio is a perfect gift for those budding fashionistas, 8 years or older. Look out Kira Plastinina, in a few years there will be a whole new crowd of young fashion designers!

This staff review was brought to you by Sarah, our Warehouse Manager. Here’s a little more info (in her own words) about this long time Growing Tree Toys team member:
My time with Growing Tree Toys started 4 years ago when I worked part-time at Growing Tree Toys as a floor associate during my chemistry undergrad at Penn State. I have since become the warehouse manager, making it my goal that each customer’s order is fulfilled and arrives in perfect condition. During my free time, I love taking road trips to visit friends and family. They have helped shape who I am today, and I will never pass up an opportunity to have some quality time with them!

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