Retro Holiday Advertisements

A while back when I did a post about the awesome show Fun House, I found it simply crazy to look back at all those old advertisements. So many seemed so corny! With the holiday season among us, here is a festive look back at some “retro” Christmas commercials.

This Fruity Pebbles is just so familiar – I wonder how many times they aired it during Rudolph and Frosty in the 80’s.

Any of you Underoos fans will appreciate this ad from 1978 for the famous undergarments.

Another interesting ad comes from none other than Taco Bell. Only 59 cents for a soda AND a glass! And I have to admit, there’s something a little spooky about that Santa.

Now these two crafty kids try to use the technology of the time – Polaroid – to catch Santa in the act. Do you think they pull it off?

Of all the ads I watched, the one that spurned the most childhood memories were Rodney & Rhonda Reindeer. There were more R-named reindeer in this Hallmark family, and they were also available at Burger King.

Of course, that is just a few. View any of these videos and you’ll see many related holiday ads (among other advertisements) on the side. Happy Holidays!!

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