Rainy Day Activities

Question: I can never seem to get any work done on rainy days because I get so wrapped up in having to entertain my kids. What are some great products I could buy for those rainy days that don’t require me to constantly be next to my children?

Answer: Growing up, my mom always had these tubs filled with random stuff that she would only pull out on those rainy days. There was everything from lacing cards, to puzzles, to coloring books and crayons. But my favorite was the tub filled with random craft pieces such as pipe cleaners, googley eyes, construction paper, glue sticks, and sequins. There were no instructions, no right or wrong way to utilize the materials. All that was needed was a healthy dose of imagination and table covered with a plastic tablecloth. My masterpieces I created on those rainy days were always proudly displayed as works of art on the refrigerator. The Crafty Kit, Craft All Day and Giant Art Jar made by Alex Toys are very similar to that tub my mom pulled out for me years ago.

Construction toys are always a great idea too. As much as I love the idea of Marble Runs, they often need the helping hand of an adult. Nothing is more frustrating then angling your track the wrong way and having your marble get stuck half way through it’s run. Instead, something like the Magneatos, Magformers and Magna-Tiles are a better option for those busy moms. The use of magnets has become a popular trend in construction toys. What I think is great about magnets is that there is less chance for a finger to get pinched while trying to lock two pieces together. Magneatos are a perfect option for younger kids, as the pieces are larger. This makes it easier for small hands to hold onto and also prevents the kids from putting the magnetic pieces in their mouths. Both the Magna-Tiles and Magformers have been some of our top sellers. I do like to suggest hiding the packaging and any instruction guide that may come with the kit. This forces the kids to use their imaginations instead of just creating what they see pictured.

Let’s not forget about games, and boy do we have a TON! My personal favorite is the Think Fun line. Most of the line is geared towards an older audience, and are meant to be played solo. But, I doubt your 9 year old would be able to finish all 40 game cards (ranging from Beginner to Expert) in one day! Games like Blokus, Topple and Dicecapades! Word Pirates are perfect for a group of kids of all different ages. The instructions aren’t too complicated for younger kids, yet are still fun and challenging for the bigger brothers and sisters. In fact, you may just drop what you are doing and decide to join after you hear how much fun they are having!

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