Puzzle through the Rainbow – A Crazy Colorful Staff Review

If you like the classic Sudoku game (like I do), you will fall head over heels for the colorful ColorKu Game by Mad Cave Bird Games! A perfect game for individuals who love numbers, colors, brain teasers, or just an exciting challenge, Colorku takes the boring black and white game of Sudoku and adds a blast of bold color. Do you have what it takes to outwit your friends, your family, and yourself?


What’s to like?

  In case you’re not familiar with the concept of Colorku here’s a brief overview:


The wooden game board, which measures 12.5”x12.5”, is divided into nine 3×3 squares that hold a total of 81 colorful wooden balls (each color relates to a number 1 thru 9). The object of the game is to place a colored ball in each spot on the game board so that each 3×3 square is filled with a colored ball that corresponds to the numbers 1 thru 9. The trick is that only one color is permitted in each row and column on the board.


This crazy color game features 104 different puzzles ranging from easy to difficult that challenge players to use logic, reasoning and good old common sense to solve them. I find that I pick the more difficult challenges when I’m in a good mood and save those easy puzzles for one of my “off” days. How will you choose your play level? Plus, when kids solve all of the included puzzle challenges the fun isn’t over – simply purchase Colorku expansion cards with puzzle solutions and keep puzzling away! The Colorku game is so versatile that it includes a conversion chart that allows players to take any Sudoku puzzle from a newspaper or magazine and convert the numbers to colors – it’s an easy way to get the most from this game.



Best of all, for those little ones who are just learning to puzzle through Colorku’s logic challenges, the wooden board can be held in one’s lap for easy access and can also be rotated to give players a different perspective and stimulate deductive reasoning skills. And, when game play is finished, kids can arrange colorful designs on the board and show them off as an inventive decoration!


Not to be picky…

While I think that Colorku is an excellent way to stimulate minds of both the young and young at heart, I found that the game does not include replacement balls. However, using some ingenuity my grandchildren and I discovered that you can easily substitute marbles, beans, beads or similar items to keep the game going with a fun new look and perhaps a bigger challenge!


At the end of the day

A mathematical marvel for all ages, the Colorku Game is recommended for children 3 years and older and retails for $29.95. Are you competitive? Can you handle patterns? If so, give Colorku a try!


This staff review was brought to you by Darla, a Warehouse Shipping Associate. Here’s a little more info (in her own words) about this dedicated Growing Tree Toys team member:

I have worked at the Growing Tree warehouse since November 2008 assembling, wrapping and shipping toys to our customers. When I’m not sending toys across the country, I enjoy busying myself with all my hobbies: counted cross-stitch, Sudoku, bird watching (Cornell winter bird counts), collecting Wade porcelain, 2 pet society finches, the Bible, and traveling to East Africa. I live outside of State College, PA with my husband, a retired fisheries biologist, and we have 4 children (and 4 precious grandchildren).

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