Pumped About Pipe Cleaners – A New Twist on a Craft Classic

I’ll never forget the scraggly pre-school pipe cleaners that plagued my beautiful art projects! Sure, pipe cleaners were perfect to use as the arms and legs of paper projects, or to make cute animals, but when they touched a glob of glue their soft fuzz would shrivel and all but disappear. These less-than-fuzzy pipe cleaners also failed the “bend and build” challenge – they’d fall apart midway through making anything! Well, not anymore!

The tiny, inadequate pipe cleaners we all knew (and loved to loathe – in my case at least) have been replaced by monstrous-sized, fluffy fiber sticks that are certain to hold up the endless creations kids can imagine and build – over and over and over! Best of all, these pipe cleaners feature bright, bold colors and cool striped patterns, which add even more fuel to the imaginative fire!

With new and improved pipe cleaners popping up everywhere you look, it’s no wonder kid’s are making some truly crafty creations!

This is one red hot dragon creation that’s very cool! Featuring a thick, furry pipe cleaner body, realistic wings, and additional embellishments that add to this fierce dragon style, there’s nothing meek and mild about this creature!

As pipe cleaners become more popular than ever, some companies are taking their love of these fuzzy fiber sticks to exciting extremes. This playful puppy was created using Brain Noodles– they’re the new non-traditional pipe cleaners that are available in themed kits to keep the imagination intrigued! These kits include such favorites as the Brain Noodles Stripes Kit, the Brain Noodles Fabulous Flowers Kit, and the Brain Noodles Big Kit!

No matter which brand of super-duty, fiber sticks you choose for you next arts and crafts project, you can be sure that they can withstand any bend, fold, twist, or spiral you give them! These durable sticks make it easy for kids (or adults) to take one project apart and start building a new one using the same fiber sticks.

Here are a few fuzzy pipe cleaner creations that I hope will make you smile:


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