Providing Informative Entertainment, Industry Insights and Tantalizing Toy Talk

Here at Growing Tree Toys, we are announcing our arrival to the toy blogging scene and – though we may be a little late – we’re making a fashionable entrance! Why so late, you ask? Though we’re a small specialty toy company, we wanted our blossoming blog to showcase our mighty desire to provide our customers, toy enthusiasts, and parents with quality toy driven content that is both informative and entertaining. Our goal is to craft an interactive environment where your questions and concerns can be heard and answered – we’re here to serve your needs!

We strive to put a face on our company and give you a better understanding of who we are by providing inside perspectives from those who know our company best – its founding family and its dedicated employees. We’re here to share our toy experience as parents, siblings, grandparents, and long time toy lovers to help parents and friends choose the highest quality toys for their favorite young ones, or even the occasional reminiscent toy from the “good old days” for the young at heart.

Most importantly – we love to have fun! From playing baseball in our warehouse parking lot to demonstrating toys for our customers, we’re a bunch of professional goofs. But, when it comes to making your experience with us a positive one, you have our full attention and our expertise at your fingertips. After all, we’re in this line of work because we care about what you care about when it comes to choosing the right educational toys for your kids.

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  1. Sarah Kline
    Laura Kline September 16, 2009 at 11:45 am #

    It’s better late than never! I am excited to see what the Blog will have to offer.

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