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After her review of the Ready2Learn Giant Farm Animal Stamp Set, Bridgette, the Experimental Mommy, returns with another awesome review.

hypothesis The Princess Tent Toy from Growing Tree Toys will be a great way for my daughter’s develop their imaginations while playing together in a “secret” hiding spot.


One Princess Tent Toy and accessories, and two very excited little princesses ready to rule their castle. About the tent:

“The magical Princess Tent Toy from Be Amazing Toys is the idyllic spot to spend the day reading, writing, playing, and dreaming! With the Princess Tent Toy, any kid will feel like an enchanted princess, surrounded by a pink castle creation of their own design that features glow-in-the-dark stars and planet decorations strung together with colorful ribbon, as well as glow-in-the-dark magic wands! This open-ended pretend play Princess Tent Toy includes 2 sheets of princess fabric that will have kids building tents, canopies, 2 small princess outposts, 1 large fairytale castle and so much more! Made of filmy pink fabric, the Princess Tent Toy features elastic outer loops and cords that let kids combine the 2 sheets together, as well as clips and suction cups so this tent can attach to windows, mirrors, rugs, beds and more! And while kids will just love the creativity and experimentation of the Princess Tent Toy from Be Amazing Toys, parents will love that it folds up into and easy-to-carry tote!”

results My two daughters (ages 2 and 5) play well together. Coloring, Play-Doh, dancing, and dolls are some of the more popular games played in my home. But most of all, they like to play “princess” and every Princess needs a castle, right? So, they were both thrilled when the Princess Tent Toy arrived from Growing Tree Toys.

We opened the package and began to look for instructions on how to assemble the tent, but there weren’t any as the whole point is to use your imagination! My sister and law (who is working towards a PhD in Economics) and myself (who has a Master of Science in Biology) spread the materials out on the floor as it became increasingly obvious that neither of us had a degree in architecture or engineering! The tent comes with ample pink material, suction cups, clips elastic loops and clips in order to design your fortress, but to be honest, we were stumped. After several attempts, we turned it over to the girls and the funny thing was that they could have cared less if their castle was perfect! They adapted to whatever arrangement we came up with and played in it for hours! The moral of the story? Be creative, not perfect!


My girls colored, told stories, ate snacks and ruled over their subjects in their Princess Tent. As a Mom, it was pure joy to hear their little voices using their vivid imagination and enjoying their new toy!


The Princess Tent from Growing Tree Toys was a huge hit with both my daughters. Assembly may stump those looking for detailed directions, but let your creative juices flow and you will be just fine. At just $29.95, this toy would make a great gift for your princess!

This review was written by Bridgette, a product review blogger, Science geek and and owner of Experimental Mommy.

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