Ping Pong Goes Extreme – Take Me Back Tuesday remembers Gnip Gnop

“You’re trying to out-Gnip him,
While he’s trying to out-Gnop you!” 

I had never tried to “Gnip” or to “Gnop,” but recently I was introduced to the classic game when a friend coaxed me into playing it with her on the floor of a small antique toy store. I was instantly hooked on the random action of the enclosed ping pong balls and the unpredictable outcome of every single game. After all, when all you need to win is a fast finger, persistence, and a little luck, chaos is the name of the game!

A game that shares a common ground with ping pong, Gnip Gnop is the ultra extreme version with 6 colored balls that fly at the same time (none of the one-ball-at-a-time sissy stuff) and 3 holes, which served as a “net,” where you need to “aim” your balls. However, in my case there was no “aiming.” Sporadically pressing buttons to propel your colored balls at your opponent is not the same as aiming – we call that living on a prayer! Check out how the game is played with this classic Gnip Gnop commercial:



Thankfully the awesome chaos that comes from playing Gnip Gnop was not lost as it was reinvented after its unfortunate disappearance from the game scene at the end of the 70’s. But, I was disappointed that my first real introduction to the game deprived me of the very 70’s fluorescent colors and flamboyant packaging.

I have to admit, that when I first played this classic game, I spent a lot of time trying to figure out how Parker Brothers chose such a unique name (you know what’s coming) – it hit me roughly three sentences into this post that Gnip Gnop is ping pong spelled backwards!

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