Perfect Toys for Tots and Kids – 2009 Parents’ Choice Awards Part 1

“Designed to help parents and caregivers of all achievements and backgrounds make informed decisions about which new products are right for their children, the Parents’ Choice Awards is the nation’s oldest nonprofit program created to recognize quality children’s media.” This program honors quality material for children in categories such as our favorite – toys! But, who are these wonderful toy testers you ask? Parents’ Choice Award panel members include educators, scientists, performing artists, librarians, parents, and kids themselves!

When the awards were handed out, Growing Tree Toys was proud to discover that 12 of our popular toys were among the honorees this year! Drum roll please … the winners by age are:


9 months

Nothing makes a splash at bath time like the Fill n Flow Spout Bath Toy from Yookidoo Toys – the automatic play spout that no baby can resist! Let the imaginative water run wild with this flowing spout as baby turns a propeller, creates a shower, and plays “peek-a-boo” with a floating friend without wasting a drop of water. Just like a real spout, the control of this Fill n Flow Spout Bath Toy is controlled with the push of a button.


1 year

A magical island of water fun in baby’s bath time, the Stack n Stream Tub Fountain Bath Toy from Yookidoo Toys is the water-jet powered tub tower that is full of surprises! While is tub toy attaches to the tub bottom, drawing water through the center of the stack, kids can choose any of the 4 interchangeable fountain heads to make a completely unique spray. And, when fountain play is finished, the fountain head attachments can be used as individual floating bath toys!


3 years

Lost socks beware because with the Chimp and Zee Silly Socks Game from Pressman Toy, every sock will have a pair! A matching game like never before, kids will love reaching into the dryer and pulling out silly socks in hopes of finding a match. Washing clothes may be a chore, but folding socks just got a lot more interesting!

Let’s go fishing! The Pretend and Play Fishing Set from Learning Resources Toys has all the supplies kids need to bait and catch friendly fish just like grown ups! Featuring a magnetic fishing rod, 3 magnetic worms, and 3 magnetic fish, this Pretend and Play Fishing Set is sure to attract kids to the pond. This set also includes fish net, an adjustable fishing vest made of plastic, nylon and canvas, and a plastic storage tackle box.

Who better to teach young ones to match colors than their terrific turtle friends? The Turtle Shells Matching Game begins when players create their own color combinations of turtles and the interchangeable shells (there is no correct color combination). One player rolls the colored dice, and if the colors rolled match one of the turtle figurines and his shell, that player gets to look at a memory card. If the memory card also matches the turtle, the player “wins” the card. For 2 to 4 players.

There’s never a dull moment with the KidKraft Activity Center with 3 Stools because there are two cool ways for 3 young ones to play the day away! With everything kids need for an artistic day of play – 3 wooden matching stools, a center triangle-shaped storage bin, and a convenient 2-sided play surface (a smooth surface and a Lego compatible surface) – this Activity Center with 3 Stools will bring playtime off of the floor and into a whole new world!

A necessity for any little carpenter, the Educo Master Carpenter Workbench has all the tools needed to fix anything around the house! When there’s work to be done, this workbench gives young ones the tools to succeed. With a counter that is the perfect size for kids to work, this Master Carpenter Workbench features holes for screwing, hammering and pulling non-stick nails, screws, nuts and bolts. Get building!

With the Sprig Captain Owen Wild Water Explorer Toy from Sprig Toys, kids can pretend to explore the rampaging river using their own, limitless supply of energy and imagination! The Sprig Captain Owen Wild Water Explorer Toy is the rugged, water proof adventure boat that is ready to cut through choppy waters and unexplored territory to uncover a new adventure!

With so many award-winning toys to share, one post just isn’t enough! Check back soon for the 2009 Parents’ Choice Awards Part 2!


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