Pairing Pictures – Take Me Back Tuesday remembers the Memory Game

I remember when I was little and couldn’t remember anything! No, really. Whether you asked me what TV show I had watched an hour before or where I’d put my favorite toy, my brain refused to remember. One night my dad (as part of a joke, I’ve no doubt) brought home the infamous game I learned to love – the Memory Game! Ten minutes into my first game against my dad, I had a large pile of matching pairs stacked in front of me with a big smile on my face – it was a complete victory!

When you see memory games today, the original version of this mind molding game might seem to pale in comparison with all of the themed games that you can experience, ranging from the Disney princess edition to online cut-outs such as penguins and cute critters, but remember – classics never die. Though I never pass up the opportunity to play the new and improved versions of this classic game, I can’t bear to part with the original since it was the first game that proved my memory really did work!

Though the original version of the Memory Game was a little bland, the object of the game was sweetly simple: shuffle the cards, lay them face down on a table or the floor and take turns turning over two cards at a time to find matches. And, if you want to make the game a little more challenging, you can combine two or more versions of the game to create a completely unique version that makes remembering the images a little more difficult, but a lot more fun!

And for memory daredevils (like my dad), you can even create your very own playing cards by using some scrap paper and words instead of picture for a super-sonic game mode. I tried playing with words once and my patented “memory blankness” took over. Consequently, my dad won four games in a row and refuses to play the original version anymore!


NOTE: I’m still as scatterbrained as ever, but I’ve never lost a single game of the original Memory Game! Go figure.

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