Calling All Artsy Kids – An Artistic Staff Review

Let’s face it – kids are artsy. Whether they’re creating a colorful collage or designing fresh fashions, young artists will be begging for the latest and greatest art supplies for their needs.  Let me introduce you to the Introductory Art Portfolio from Creativity for Kids – the self-contained, artist travel tote that will have kids […]

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One “Egg”-cellent Kid – A Home Grown Cup Stacking Sensation

What do stacking plastic cups in pyramids and eggs have in common? Fourteen year old, speed-stacking sensation Luke Myers! Myers, an Eden Prairie, MN native, is ranked second in the world at the lightening-fast sport known as speed-stacking – a title earned after years of non-stop practice and competitive competition. After receiving world-wide recognition for […]

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Playmobil Sponsors Creativity in the Classroom

A few days ago, I asked my sister, a proud third grader, how she enjoyed her first week of school. She replied, “Math is fun, and lunch is too!” Ok, so she enjoys approximately 2 hours of her school day – then again she’s 9, so it takes the latest and greatest toys or the […]

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Providing Informative Entertainment, Industry Insights and Tantalizing Toy Talk

Here at Growing Tree Toys, we are announcing our arrival to the toy blogging scene and – though we may be a little late – we’re making a fashionable entrance! Why so late, you ask? Though we’re a small specialty toy company, we wanted our blossoming blog to showcase our mighty desire to provide our […]

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