An Apple a Day Helps Learning Thrive

Who would have thought that one of the most popular party games to come out in recent memory could also be used as a learning tool? As teachers and parents know, the most effective way to inspire children to learn is when they don’t know they’re doing it! Playing games, watching a movie, and reading […]

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Automoblox, the Mighty Mini – A “Vroom Vroom” Staff Review

Between my two adorable nephews and a ton of cousins, I’ve learned that interfering with a kid and his or her toy car is downright dangerous! But, surrounded by car-loving kids, I’ve seen every car you can think of – pocket-sized, ride-ons, noise makers, and magic movers. Improving the awesome idea of a toy car […]

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Win Your Wish List Up to $1,000 in Toys!

Would you like to win up to $1,000 of toys? Well, winning toys has never been this easy! Simply create a Wish List at during the month of October and add all your favorite educational toys to become eligible to win. At the end of October, we will pick a random winner from all […]

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Are you a Code Maker, a Code Breaker, or an Overall Strategic Failure? – Take Me Back Tuesday remembers the Mastermind Game

Quality time with my dad was unforgettable when we played the Mastermind Game – after all, how many people forget the most infuriating and frustrating game of their childhood? To be fair, the main problem when it came to playing Mastermind was my darling dad, who was the most intense and focused brain teaser/strategy “mastermind” […]

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Monkey See, Monkey Do – A “Dress Me Up” Staff Review

My daughter has always called her tiny toddler, Desi, her “little monkey.” And what do monkeys do? They imitate the actions of those around them, which is handy when little ones work on developing motor skills, hand-eye coordination and reasoning. Consequently, there’s no bigger incentive to tempt a toddler to learn these important skills than […]

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Iggy, Kiko, Pipa and Tias – the New Beatles of the Play Room! – A Silly Seating Staff Review

Play rooms should always have certain items designed for function and fun – a toy chest, books, tons of toys, and a cozy place perfect for kids to sit, read, draw, and play. But, just because adults are used to traditional tables and chairs, doesn’t mean that the play room has to follow those rules! […]

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