Furry, Functional and Fun-loving – A “Beastly” Staff Review

Traveling with younger kids is exhausting, both mentally and physically – with emphasis on physically. Why, you ask? From comfort necessities such as soft pillows, fuzzy blankets and kids favorite stuffed animals to “keep them entertained” necessities such as crayons, coloring books, reading books, and hand-held toys, parents have a ton to carry with them. […]

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Puzzle through the Rainbow – A Crazy Colorful Staff Review

If you like the classic Sudoku game (like I do), you will fall head over heels for the colorful ColorKu Game by Mad Cave Bird Games! A perfect game for individuals who love numbers, colors, brain teasers, or just an exciting challenge, Colorku takes the boring black and white game of Sudoku and adds a […]

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Hog Wild for Halloween Part 1 – Getting Ready for Both Tricks and Treats

    [Child Corpse Trio] Tender Lumplings everywhere Life’s no fun without a good scare   [Parent Corpses] That’s our job, but we’re not mean In our town of Halloween         Directly from Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas, this excerpt of the song ‘This is Halloween’ brings back so many ghoulishly […]

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Morphibians Have Invaded our House! – A Stealthy and Speedy Staff Review

As a kid, one of my favorite types of toys was anything remote controlled. Maybe it was simply the idea that I was controlling something that was down the street or the enjoyment I received sneaking up on my sister – but I loved (and do still love) remote control toys. So of course I […]

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Have your Pie and Play with it too! – Take Me Back Tuesday remembers the Frisbee

I’m not graceful or coordinated, but I can catch a Frisbee (most of the time), and throw it straight on a good day –though I haven’t improved much since I was six-years-old. I’d spend lazy Saturdays planted in my backyard exerting all my energy to concentrate on throwing the Frisbee nice and straight only to […]

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Bringing Back Boogie Nights – Jazz Hands that Are Here to Stay

I’ve played the piano for years, and though I can belt out a pretty tune after weeks of pain-staking practice, I can’t compare to 11-year-old Edwin – the oldest jazz soul in a little boy body that I’ve ever seen. Plus, he is completely self-taught! One of the most enthusiastic commanders of the ivory keys, […]

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