Pop Over to our Pinterest!

We’re having fun on Pinterest and invite you to join us! It’s a neat way for us to share some of our favorites on our website, in our town, and all around the internet! Here’s a preview of what you’ll find on our Pinterest boards, and be sure to watch for more! Games for Kids […]

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Keeping Kids’ Teeth Healthy

The dentist – an often controversial subject for adults, let alone their kids! Some people have that first visit scheduled the day their child turns six months, others don’t see the need for at least a few years. Thankfully there are a lot of resources out there, like from Pediatric Safety, WebMD, and the American […]

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Lil Shopper Play Set

Lil Shopper Play Set Review

For the past year I’ve gained a new perspective on the fun toys we carry – I have a little one who is often anxious to play! So today is the first installment of “M Reviews” – a closer look at a tested toy that my child enjoys. First up, the Lil Shopper Play Set! […]

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Going Bananas!

September 21st is a special day – it marks the day of the International Banana Festival! Bananas are great for so many reasons – they are healthy (of course), full of potassium, ready to eat, and they even come in their own handy “case”! Probably the best way to celebrate the banana, other than eating […]

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A Nutritious Sneak Preview

Check your email tomorrow we send our last Email Updates message, highlighting the, well, highlight of many schoolage kids’ days: school lunch! (Not signed up for our Email Updates? Please do so, here!) In tomorrow’s email, one of the things we do is “take a trip around the Web” to find some fun websites of […]

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Playmobil Zoo

Exploring the Animal Kingdom at the Zoo!

As we all know it is back to school time, but we also know that learning can truly happen anytime and anywhere! With zoos all over the world open year-round, it’s a great place to experience the variety of the animal kingdom, their habitats, and more. My family and I just returned from a roadtrip […]

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